✨🌚 New Moon Ritual 🌚✨

🌚✨New moon are a powerful time to set intention, a time of death & rebirth, the Moon disappears, and simultaneously starts rising again, let’s plant today the seed we want to see manifest, when the moon is at its maximum light again. And let’s focus on what we are in need to let go. The darkest part of us that we are ready to let die in order to create space for the new light to come in.

We are holding this space for each other honoring both sides, dark & light, we will be able to step in our true power, manifesting our most authentic purpose by embracing this 2 reality of life.

We are all here sharing the same path of life & death, and in all our challenges lie a possibility to find new compassion. Without the dark we couldn’t appreciate the light. As a Collective we will grow stronger TOGETHER. 

You will need:
* Cleansing tools of choice (eg. smudge sticks, incense, oils, etc.)
* Candle
* Paper and a Pen
* Colored Pens/Paints
* Crystal/ Talisman

1.) Begin by cleansing your aura using the tool of your choice. As you cleanse, feel free to recite this mantra three times-
“I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. All energy that is no longer mine to carry now leaves my body. I am cleansed, I am restored. I am recharged.”
Next, cleanse your surroundings and your ritual ingredients.

2.) Light your candle and sit in front of it. Gaze on the flame for a moment just to calm and still your mind, body, and heart. Take 10 deep breaths here.

3.) Take your crystal/ talisman and rub it gently between your hands so it can transfer its energy to you. Do this until the crystal becomes warm.

4.) take your left hand and place it very gently on your throat. Take your right hand and place it over your heart center. Take another 3-4 deep breaths here and then recite the following –
“My heart and throat are connected, the energy flows freely. My heart and throat are connected, it allows me to speak my truth.”

5.) Close your eyes and imagine the hand resting on your throat is shining blue light into your throat area. Imagine the hand on your heart is shining white light into your heart area.

6.) Remove your hands. Take your pen and one of the pieces of paper and write down 10 things you want to bring into your life right now. Once you have written it all down, read them aloud one by one.

7.) Now, fold up the paper and place it under your crystal. Take your next sheet of paper and set an intention for the month ahead. You can use the following prompts as a guide-
* “This month I invite………into my life.”
* “This month I set the intention to create…..in my life.”
* “My intention this month is to……”

Feel free to get creative and decorate your intention using the colored pens and paints. Then, hang it up somewhere so you can be reminded all month long.
Happy New Moon ✨🌚

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