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The therapeutic power of female support in a society where the social structure has been dominated by the patriarchy

Β  We live in a society that has taught us since a young age to compete with each other rather than to create a strong community around the feminine.Β We, women, tend to lose the power of our union because we end up playing male games. We compete for their attention, and by doing so we accept to be inferior to them. Males tend to be more direct in their relationships and perhaps less personal (obviously I don't want to generalize here, this is neither absolute nor true for everyone) but men tend to build each other up. On the contrary, women are convinced that they can be loved only if they reach an adequate level of beauty or sex appeal,...

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✨🌚 New Moon Ritual 🌚✨

🌚✨New moon are a powerful time to set intention, a time of death & rebirth, the Moon disappears, and simultaneously starts rising again, let’s plant today the seed we want to see manifest, when the moon is at its maximum light again. And let’s focus on what we are in need to let go. The darkest part of us that we are ready to let die in order to create space for the new light to come in.We are holding this space for each other honoring both sides, dark & light, we will be able to step in our true power, manifesting our most authentic purpose by embracing this 2 reality of life.We are all here sharing the same path...

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